Chat GPT – A Technological Remedy or Challenge for Education System

  • Sudhansh Sharma School of Computers and Information Sciences, IGNOU
  • Ramesh Yadav School of Journalism and New Media Studies, IGNOU, New Delhi
Keywords: Chat GPT | Open-AI | Artificial Intelligence | Reinforcement Learning Generative Pre-trained Transformer | Education | Teachers, Students


Purpose: A brand-new AI chatbot named Chat-GPT is now making the revolution in various fields which were led by humans, and this is because it allows for human[1]like chats and even writes essays for you and many more, the Chatbot may have an impact on education. Is it advantageous or harmful to the educational system? It is the teachers’ first priority, right? Teachers’ English assignments submitted to Chat-GPT produced results that were better than those of many of their pupils. Everything from cover letters to summaries of a well-known literary work can be produced via Chat[1]GPT. The educational system could be severely disrupted, and the institutions could incur costs. The recent rapid use of AI has astounded several industries, including education. The goal of this paper is to address the main problem of the educational system, i.e., Can Chat-GPT be Used as a tool for Teaching and Learning? However, we now need to understand how to use technology responsibly.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This paper is conceptual in nature and to have a deep understanding of the use of Chat-GPT in the education system we have used secondary data by doing extensive literature review.

Findings: The findings of this article recommends that though Chat GPT is still in the formative stages of its development, it can be used as a tool for Teaching and Learning. However, both teachers and students need to learn how to use this technology responsibly.

Originality/Value: Real power carries a great deal of responsibility, and Open-AI has a lot of it. The Dall-E 2, GPT-3, and now Chat-GPT models were first introduced by Open-AI, one of the first AI companies to have a substantial impact on society. Chatbots may have an impact on education. The paper discusses both the merits and limitations of Chat GPT in the education sector and finally it recommends the use of Chat GPT in the education sector.

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